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What is Zestible?

It’s a Food Revolution

Zestible is the easiest way to get nutritious, healthy meals delivered direct to your door.

Choose from 7 – 10 new recipes every week!


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Pods include 3 to 5 recipes to get you through the week!


Make your selection by Thursday at noon. We will send you a cooler bag filled with prepped ingredients the following Tuesday.


Open your re-useable bag, pull out the nifty recipe cards. Follow the instructions to make gourmet recipes in a flash!

Our Latest Pods

These are our latest ingredient concoctions – straight from our kitchen to your table!

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Do you want dinner served in a flash? Are you looking for meals to please adults and kids? Look no further. This pod will do just that. These are quick and easy recipes that will feed your whole family three dinners and, most likely, a few lunches with leftovers. They have all been tested on my own kids (3 and 5 years old) who must give me the green light for the recipes to appear here!


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Here is a combination of three lovely meals that celebrate the season and will delight your tastebuds!

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View this Pod

Are you cooking for one? We have just the pod for you! Five meals for one person so you don’t have to worry about a thing all week! And since we send you hearty portions, you’ll most likely be covered for lunches too with your leftovers.

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We believe in better

At Zestible, we believe in better experiences. Our aim is to revolutionize  the way you order and cook healthy, nutritious meals.

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Check out the latest articles from our Zesti-blog. We have new recipes, cooking tips, interviews and much, much more!

The Zestible Difference

The Zestible Difference

People often ask me what sets Zestible apart from all the other meal kits companies. In all honesty, I don’t catalogue Zestible within the “meal kit” category. We are so much more and offer an entirely different experience. 1.We are a company with... read more

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Luckily for you we have a number of pods and recipes ready to leave our kitchen to yours!